What role does the brain play in some women’s lack of sexual desire?

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Brain Plays a rather large role triggering elevated self awareness and/or inhibitions in a Women’s Lack of Sexual Desire.



Just as sexual wellness is fundamental for the brain, the brain has a controlling role in our sexual wellness presenting both; the positive experience of pleasurable sensuality and/or in the negative in the form of self controlling inhibitions. Female sexual dysfunction is so common in women ages 18-59 with forty three percent, almost 1 out of 2 experiencing a sexual dysfunction at sometime. (BTW %of women 80 are sexually active it.


Lack of sexual interest –(DSM IV code 302. Xx hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD) – is the most commonly reported complaint, according to some medical researchers.


Lack of sexual interest and the brain, logical?

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder a rather nondescript medical diagnosis code for ‘lack of interest in sex’. The previous dsm iii hsdd was “diagnosis of Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD)”
The change was made in the current DSM IV because “thought that term “inhibited” suggests psychodynamic etiology … The term “hypoactive sexual desire” is more awkward, but more neutral with respect to the cause”
The DSM-III-R (during revision) estimated that about 20% of the population had HSDD.


“Paying too much attention to one’s own responses to stimuli, or insecurities, cause inhibition of sexual desire.”

In a Stanford University Medical Center new research published 2009: The journal Neuroscience. “compare brain-activation patterns of females who have HSDD”  “monitored by functional magnetic-resonance imaging”  with  a control sample of non suffering women: they observed:

“Two of the brain areas where the HSDD women had increased activity have been previously associated with, respectively, heightened attention to one’s own and others’ mental states, and suppression of one’s emotional response. The research suggests that increased attention to one’s own responses to erotic stimuli plays some part in the sexual dysfunction”.


“The study could be showing how paying too much attention causes inhibition of sexual desire…”

This study highlights the need to let go, to stop focusing on how we appears to others or what others might think of us. Please pause… Remember you are about to achieve the highest level of closeness, the bonding of intimacy. This person loves you, that is preciously why you two are about to make love. Perhaps you know you CAN trust this enough, to enjoy and REALLY live in the moment.

Blindfold Your Eyes and you can “suspend internal judgment”

A prescribed solution might be as simple as a blindfold.  Imagine your lover wearing an eye mask while you run an ostrich feather across your lover’s naked body. It is often helpful to reduce one stimulus input in order to heighten the sensations and sensual awareness of other stimuli. Cover their eyes and they can no longer expend energy on seeing now one just feels, hears, tastes, smells, the feather across her body. free to just feel the activities of the bedroom …

Inhibitions as we all know are limiting to our personal growth and all too often limit our ability to actually experience the personal pleasures of life. Blindfold your eyes and with ease you will “suspend your internal judgment”  and perhaps play some new games with your partner.

Role playing

Role playing is ‘couple’s play therapy’ in the safety and privacy of your bedroom with sensual erotic rewards. Have you ever noticed how children take on a different persona when they wear a mask, or a costume or play the role, without any inhibitions they can fly, they become super heroes, they allow their imagination to create. …………As adults we could benefit by learning to play a little with our partner; Sex in the Shower, Role Play, Spice Up the bedroom and the benefits -ultimate ToGetHer Pleasure.

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