Sexually Frustrated with PE?

Valentine couple

I Dreaded Sex 
Because I knew exactly what would happen. She would try to be supportive but we both knew she was sexually frustrated. My strategy is to now make her cum before we get to sex. It takes the pressure off.”

PE has caused a lot of frustration for many couples. Be nice to each other, with lots of foreplay it doesn’t have to be an issue.

Make sure she gets hers first.

PE is only an issue if the guys has the attitude ‘sex ends when I cum.’ Care about your partner. Incorporate as much oral, fingering and sex toys on her as possible. Lots more foreplay. You can get really creative with what each of you like. Once you finish, are you willing to do more? You can still finger her, perform oral on her, use a vibrator with her, until you are both physically satisfied.


Sex is a language that both people speak.

As a couple each need to feel wanted, appreciated, desired and lusted for. Sex is about general intimacy, it’s a way to bond.

Penetration is an important part of sex but its not everything and majority of women can not orgasm by penetration alone.  Let your partner know you accept the situation, communications is key. At night cuddling in bed; Ask how can you improve the sexual aspects of the relationship?

During sex without judgement just ask; Hows this?,  A little to the right, moan when it hits the spot, breathe faster when its just right, put their hand where it feels good or simply say let’s try this.

Just talk to each other about it. You can still a very fulfilling sex life.


Sex is a wonderful thing to share.

Honestly cumming from intercourse doesn’t really matter to me as long as I get off somehow. It can be before, or even after using fingers or toys.

As long as she gets satisfied, she will appreciate that and you can act with confidence knowing you satisfied her.


It’s ok to find a different way for both of you to enjoy sex.


A dildo or vibrator. A toy will help her build up and orgasm, perhaps multiple times before even penetrate her. Go with what makes her comfortable. She can masturbate with a toy while you both enjoy some foreplay together, she will give herself a powerful orgasm and then have intercourse. You’re still making her cum, just in a different way. You can be in control of the vibrator or for increased intimacy have each have each others hands on it together.


Try different positions. Women on Top

The women on top sex position is perfect for ‘slow and steady’. As she climbs on top of you. Once penetrated, have her rock up and down or back and forth slowly. She can do what she needs to make herself cum. This position keep the woman in control of her pace, pressure, and depth, it allows you to focus on  her stimulation with your fingers or vibrator on her clitoris, rather than your thrusting. Sure to make both partners both feel like winners.



Try a Penis ring to delay his orgasm and with added vibrations to stimulate her clitoris. Can be used as a vibrator for just the right spot before, during or after penetration.



Desensitize. You can apply external application to numb your penis sensation and delay ejaculation. Condoms help desensitize.

We normally masturbate together before sex anyway, so most of my needs are satisfied by the time we even get to PIV.”


Oral sex and handjobs. Makes her orgasm with softer licks, with a wet or lubed finger or use a finger vibrator to gently tease till she starts getting going, following what she likes until you bring her to orgasm.



Get your partner involved, it might be scary at first but working on it together will bring you together in multiples ways.

Good Luck!

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