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ToGetHer Pleasure G-Spot Stimulation Guide

 The g-spot is deep within the vaginal walls, finding the g spot is normally 1 to 3 inches within the vagina.
Most women consider the g spot orgasm to be the most intense orgasm.
There is initial discomfort when you stimulate the g spot but the feeling of urinating is quite normal.
Female ejaculation can be achieved by stimulating the g-spot
G-Spot Stimulation: G-Spot Orgasm with Ejaculation Tips:The Grafenberg spot commonly known as the “g-spot” was named after Ernst Grafenberg, a sex researcher who discovered the g-spot’s pleasurable potential.
The G Spot is a spongy mass of tissue located on the upper wall of the vagina. The size and sensitivity of a woman’s g-spot tends to vary with every individual. The only commonality of g-spot stimulation is that it is frequently considered out of this world for all the women who have experienced it.

Where Is the G-Spot?

There is a common ignorance about the exact location of the g-spot. The g-spot is technically not a part of the vaginal wall (it is behind),

though you can reach the g-spot by stimulating the vaginal walls.

The g-spot can be found specifically behind the pubic bone pointing upward towards the belly, about two inches into the vagina. The g-spot is actually located on the lower part of the urethra where the urethral sponge is located. That is why the g-spot is described as a spongy mass of tissue which is where the true source of g-spot is.

What Is Female Ejaculation?

By applying a certain amount of pressure to the g-spot, some women can actually ejaculate. The g-spot is the only part of the female anatomy that can ejaculate when sexually stimulated while accompanying a g-spot orgasm.


Being sexually aroused prior to g-spot stimulation is a necessity, as when a woman is fully aroused the g-spot is filled with blood and fluid causing the area to be engorged, allowing the urethral sponge to push into the vaginal wall. That makes the area easier to stimulate as it is more exposed.


When your g-spot is being stimulated, chances are that you will know when you find the right spot. It is quite common to feel the sensation of the need to urinate since the g-spot is so close to the urethra. Let go – You will not pee. Relax and allow your g-spot orgasm to happen.

Some women will ejaculate a clear fluid when they achieve a g-spot orgasm, though this does not happen to every woman. Be assured that this fluid is not urine at all. Scientists have analyzed that female ejaculate contains levels of glucose (sugar) and an enzyme (prostate acid phosphatase) which is similar to the main component in semen. In a sense, female ejaculation is equivalent to the male orgasm.


If you follow these simple tips to help you achieve a g-spot orgasm, now you can have a new and different orgasm to add to the clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm!

Tip#1: Get turned on:

First, relax yourself mentally; this is a fun, pleasurable experience and getting turned on is necessary prior to g-spot stimulation. The more excited and turned on you are, the easier your chances of stimulating the g-spot since the g-spot is enlarged when aroused and pushes into the vaginal wall, making it easier to stimulate. Every woman gets turned on by different things, so do what works for you whether it be erotic reading, a good partner, visual erotica, sexual toys, sexual fantasies, etc.

Tip#2: Finding the G-spot:

To find the g-spot, insert one or two fingers into your vagina, making sure you are properly lubricated either through arousal or the use of lubrication. Once you have inserted your finger(s), the g-spot is located 2-3 inches into the vagina.

Tip#3: Stimulating the G-spot:

To stimulate the area, apply pressure upward towards the pubic bone. Using one or more fingers, rhythmically stroke the g-spot in a “come hither” motion. Repeat this action back and forth to begin to stimulate the g-spot. Each person is different and some may prefer variations in g-spot stimulation methods. Methods like tapping, thumping, pounding, and/or the use of a vibrator can feel just as good.

Tip#4: G Spot Stimulation Using Toys 

Because finding the g spot can be elusive there are toys specifically designed to stimulate the g-spot. G-spot vibrators are built with a curve, which makes them the perfect shape for DIRECT g-spot stimulation. These toys are great for couples use and for women when they want to ‘fly solo.’

Finding G-Spot Video


Tip#5: Experiment For a Better G-Spot Orgasm

Each woman is an individual and everyone responds to stimulation differently, which makes experimentation very important. Experiment with different positions that angle towards the bellybutton. You can do this with fingers, using toys, or during sex by utilizing different positions. For instance, a woman can lie on her stomach while a man is on her back on top. In that position, the man can even sit up and massage her back, neck, or breasts while thrusting at her g-spot. Play with different positions to see what works best for you!

Tip#6: Ejaculation & Urination

Female ejaculation is not urine! The g-spot is located so close to the urethra that it is common to have feelings of urination. For many women, resisting the urge of urinating during g-spot stimulation actually prevents them from achieving orgasm and/or ejaculation. As a psychological precaution, it may a good idea to empty your bladder prior to masturbation or intercourse to avoid any self-imposed constraints so you can fully enjoy all the pleasures of a g-spot orgasm.

The G Spot is a different experience and many of us out of fear, hold ourselves back from experiencing new sensations.

Explore. Relax. Let go and just go with the flow (Pun Intended).

Tip#7: G-Spot Stimulation & Kegel Exercises

Strengthening the vaginal muscles by doing kegel exercises will increases the effectiveness of your g-Spot stimulation as well as all other vaginal enjoyment. When tightening the PC muscles, it becomes easier to access the g-spot which will increase the pleasure of g-Spot stimulation.

Doing kegel exercises is really quite simple. Squeeze the pelvic muscles as you would do if you were to stop the flow of urination. Be sure to empty your bladder before doing this exercise. To understand the sensation, you can practice the stop and start of urine flow while going to the bathroom. Repeating these exercises with increasing repetitions, the muscles will become stronger over time.

For an even easier way to exercise your vaginal muscles use Kegel Exercisers, such as Ben Wa Balls, Natural Contours (Energie).

Tip#8: More G-spot Fun 

G-spot & clitoral stimulation make a great combo. Adding clitoral stimulation will raise your arousal, allowing the g-spot to be more easily stimulated. Combing g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation has been known to offer women some of the most intense orgasms ever experienced.

For the ultimate orgasms, check out our toys for dual stimulation. Women may want to try a combination g-spot/clitoral vibrator during masturbation. Couples may want to use a bullet vibrator on a woman’s clitoris while he explores her g-spot with a g-spot vibrator or dildo. This is the perfect opportunity for her to gain while he plays.

Explore … Experience … Enjoy …

And most of all, have fun reaping in the benefits of g-spot stimulation!
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